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Power Up Your Server: Tailored Bots for Every Niche!

Boost Your Server's Appeal and Retention: Our Bots Deliver Unique Value and Engagement. Show Your Members You Care, Keeping Them Invested and Active Longer!

Explore our selection: free bots for essential data and premium bots for enhanced data access and more frequent updates.

The Bots

Sports Betting

Elevate Your Betting Strategy: Comprehensive Bots for Sports Insights.


Access the Latest on Odds, Spreads, and Value Analysis to Bet Smarter!


Maximize Your Marketplace: Bots for Savvy Reselling.


Get the Best Deals, Track Price Drops, and Stay Ahead in the Reselling Game!

Why 33insights Bots?


Gain real-time market data on NFTs, crypto, stocks, and reselling deals.


Equip your server with valuable information that keeps members informed.


Personalize with custom-branded bots, tailored to your server's identity.


Beyond aesthetics, 33insights offers bots with bespoke functionalities, crafted to meet your unique community needs.


Deliver exclusive, valuable content directly to your members.


Our bots empower your community with resources and insights, enhancing their server experience.


Enhance user interaction with dynamic content and activities.


Keep your community active, involved, and coming back for more.


Any questions? DM Spr3adsh33t on Twitter or Discord

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